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Frequently Asked Questions

Common answers to common questions

1. What is Opclo.

Opclo is a travel application that simplifies the process of discovering, connecting, and deciding where to go next. It provides real-time alerts about changed hours, temporary closures, places that moved, and popular stores for special occasions and holidays. Additionally, Opclo offers rewards and exclusive discounts for in-store and online purchases, helps users create personalized lists of their favorite places, and provides reminders and note-taking capabilities. In short, Opclo is a comprehensive travel companion that enhances the daily routine of its users.

2. How do I change my location?

To change your location, please see the following:


  • Homepage: Tap the Current Location drop down at the top left
  • Search page: Tap the Current Location bar

3. What is Opclo Premium

Opclo Premium is a subscription that auto-renews each month or year. Opclo premium members use Opclo ad-free and get members exclusive deals/coupons. You can purchase Opclo premium from the Opclo app.

4. What are Opclo Alerts?

We send in-app notifications to notify you about unexpected events that’s directly related to the places you may go to. Such as:


  • Unexpected closings and changed hours
  • Moved locations
  • Dine in and drive thru status


To report an alert, please visit the details page of the business and tap the plus button.

5. Why am I unable to search on Opclo?

In order to search on Opclo, please allow location access and check that you are connected to a WiFi or LTE connection.

For outages, please check our Twitter @OpcloApp

6. I am not able to sign in to the mobile app, what do I do?

If you forgot your password, go to the login screen and tap Forgot Password. If you’re still unable to sign in, please send an email to [email protected] with your email and username.

7. How do I request a feature in Opclo?

To request a feature in Opclo, go to your Profile settings in the Opclo app and tap Feedback to write away! 🙂

8. How do I get a job at Opclo?

We’re constantly seeking new talent. To apply to Opclo, please visit Careers or DM us on Twitter.

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