Why Opclo Reminders Is a Game-Changer

Why Opclo Reminders Is a Game-Changer

Opclo Team | January 13, 2020 | Technology |  4 min read

Opclo is a revolutionary app that helps you when you are out and about, no matter where you are. Maybe you are in an unfamiliar location, or you wonder if a specific place is open when you need it to be. Searching online and hoping that you find the accurate information you need is time-consuming. These are all some of the reasons that Opclo has been such a great help to its users. However, this app is more convenient for the user.

People are busy and often forget more things than they’d like to. The Opclo team saw this as a great opportunity to build a feature we like to call Opclo Reminders. You don’t want to forget to visit your favorite places or perhaps a very important appointment. This new feature let users set reminders not only to visit their favorite places but also to help them remember to get where they need to be on time. It’s easy to lose track of time, so having Opclo reminders to help ensure you arrive at your destination on time can be an essential tool, but it’s much more than that.

“The reminder feature on Opclo is a game-changer,” Opclo Founder LaMario Favron Jr. added. “We wanted to invest into a feature that had the potential to mature overtime and make people life easier. It’s often the small things we forget, like what time a place close or to pick up milk on the way home. This is a common inconvenience for everyone. During this update (v.1.4) we wanted to improve the overall design and functionality of Opclo Reminders. It’s just a start, but we have many more updates to come.”

Opclo make it easier to set reminders that are associated with specific places, giving you an efficient way to set up reminders, so you know where and what time. Still wondering if Opclo is for you? Being able to set reminders can be an excellent idea for a variety of people.  To make it super easy for you, here’s a list we consumed of common traits of users:

– Commuters/People on the go

– People in a rush

– Frequent travelers

– Busy parents

– People who forget a place exist

– People who lose track of time

There’s a good chance that you fit at least one of the traits above, if so, Opclo is for you.  These are all common situations where having a convenient app like Opclo can help you make it to work on time, remember to pick the kids up from school, or any other event. Whatever the case is for you, using the Opclo reminder feature can completely change your life.

These days, it always seems like we’re on the go. The goal of Opclo is to make your life easier. It’s not enough to show you where various places are and what times they are open or closed. You may need a reminder that your dog is due at an appointment at that groomer you love, or that you have a reservation at a specific restaurant. Opclo Reminders is a convenient addition that makes your life easier.