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We simplify how you discover, connect and decide where to go next

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    Opclo has access to over 105 million places, available across 190 countries. Faster than any other app or search engine, we let you find and save places within seconds.

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    Take notes & set reminder

    Whether you're making a grocery list or writing down an order, takes notes while on the go with Opclo.

Enhancing the way you go about your day  –  Introducing Opclo Go+

We make going a lot easier by being there when you need us most!

Uber Integration

Take an uber anytime and anywhere.

Opclo Reminders

Set reminders to make sure time doesn’t slip away.

Useful Details

All the details you need! For example, photos, directions/map, phone number, etc.

Take Notes While on the Go

Shopping list, specific directions, flight or hotel information? You choose.

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    LaMario Favron Jr, CEO & Founder

    Maryland, USA

    Thanks for using Opclo. We're always working to make Opclo better. Your feedback helps us decide which features to build and what improvements should be made. If you like our idea, please support us by rating us on the App Store and share Opclo among your friends!
    Jennifer B.

    Opclo User

    I would recommend to my friends because they do a lot of outing and Opclo is the perfect app!
    Andrew G.

    Opclo User

    I love the concept of the app! Pull any genre of business near me in seconds. It was awesome being able to get local restaurants and store for their business hours, location, while also setting a reminder so I don't forget.
    Rachel E.

    Opclo User

    Everything is good about Opclo. The layout, concept, accuracy, ease of use, all of it.

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