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    Common answers to common questions.

      What is Opclo, and how does it differ from other travel apps?

      Opclo is a travel companion app that combines real-time place alerts, a community of friends, exclusive discounts, and planning tools. It’s designed to enhance both local and international travel experiences.

      What’s Opclo Friends?

      Opclo Friends is a social feature within the app that fosters community interaction. Users can curate favorite places, share notes and tips, and explore friends’ activities. Tap here to learn more.

      What are Opclo place alerts?

      Opclo’s Place Alerts give you real-time information on closures, changes, and other important updates, helping you adjust your plans easily. Stay informed and make decisions with confidence.

      To report an alert, please visit the details page of the business and tap the plus button. Tap here to learn more. 

      Why am I unable to search?

      In order to search on Opclo, please allow location access and check that you are connected to a WiFi or LTE connection.

      For outages, please check our Twitter @OpcloApp.

      What is Opclo Premium?

      Opclo Premium is a subscription service that provides you with an enhanced Opclo experience. As a premium member, you enjoy an ad-free interface, exclusive deals, allowing you to save money on travel, dinning and more. In addition, Opclo Premium grants you access to Opclo Memories+, where you can explore your travel history and relive your favorite moments.

      The subscription auto-renews each month or year, depending on your preference. You can purchase Opclo Premium directly from the Opclo app, ensuring a seamless upgrade to a more rewarding travel experience.

      I can't sign in. What should I do?

      If you forgot your password, go to the login screen and tap Forgot Password. If you’re still unable to sign in, please send an email to [email protected] with your email and username.

      How do I request a feature?

      To request a feature in Opclo, visit our Feature Request page where we’re on the lookout for innovative ideas. Join in the excitement by submitting your ideas and a chance to contribute to something great and potentially earn some extra cash along the way. 🙂


      How do I get a job at Opclo?

      We’re constantly seeking new talent. To apply to Opclo, please visit Jobs or DM us on Twitter @OpcloApp.

      Opclo Friends 👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏾💜

      Connect, Share, and Explore with Your Travel Community

        What exactly is Opclo Friends and how does it work?

        What exactly is Opclo Friends and how does it work?

        What sets Opclo Friends apart from other social features in similar apps?

        What sets Opclo Friends apart from other social features in similar apps?

        Is Opclo Friends available for all users of the app?

        Real-time Place Alerts 🔔 🚨

        Stay Informed with Real-time Place Alerts

          How do I report alerts or changes at a location to Opclo?

          To report an alert or change, open the Opclo app and navigate to the place’s details page. Look for the plus button to create a new alert or tap on an existing alert to provide additional information. This helps keep everyone informed and ensures the accuracy of Opclo’s Real-Time Place Alerts.

          What types of alerts does Opclo send, and how do I know if they are important?

          Opclo sends three types of alerts:

          • Critical Alerts: Urgent notifications that impact safety or immediate plans (e.g., emergency closures, power outages).
          • Important Notices: Alerts that affect your plans but are less urgent (e.g., modified hours, event changes).
          • General Intel: Informational updates that are useful but not critical (e.g., new store openings, general tips).


          Each alert comes with an icon to indicate its level of importance, helping you quickly determine its relevance.

          Can I customize which alerts I receive and how often?

          Yes, you can subscribe to alerts for particular places and even mute them for a set period. This customization allows you to receive alerts that matter to you while avoiding unwanted notifications. To manage your subscriptions, navigate to the place’s details page and adjust your alert preferences.

          Will Opclo's Real-Time Place Alerts work when I'm traveling internationally?

          Opclo’s Real-Time Place Alerts work in many regions around the world. However, the accuracy and availability of alerts may vary depending on your location and local data sources. We continuously work to expand our coverage to ensure you receive reliable updates, wherever your travels take you.

          How does Opclo ensure the accuracy and timeliness of its Real-Time Place Alerts?

          Opclo’s real-time place alerts are generated by our user community and verified through a confirmation system. While we strive for reliability, it’s always a good idea to double-check important information with local sources.

          Organization and Planning with Opclo 📲🗂️

          Maximize Your Travel Plans with Opclo's Organization Tools

            How do I create a note in Opclo?

            Can I set reminders for specific tasks or events in Opclo?

            How do I create a personalized list in Opclo?

            Can I share my personalized lists with others?

            Is there a way to organize my notes, reminders, and lists in Opclo?

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