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Who We Are: The Opclo Story

At Opclo, we believe every journey, whether across town or across the globe, holds the promise of something amazing. Our story began with a simple question: ``What's next?`` Like many, we often found ourselves scrambling at the last minute to find a place to eat or something fun to do. Sometimes it worked out, but other times we missed out on hidden gems or special deals because we just didn't know about them. That's why we created Opclo, an app designed to be your ultimate companion for exploring the world, wherever you are. Our mission is simple: to help you decide where to go next. We wanted something that would alert us to important changes, like sudden closures, and connect us with friends to share tips and experiences. Most of all, we wanted to build a community where every adventure is our own, guided by our interests and the places we love.

    At Opclo, our mission is simple: to help you decide where to go next. We’re your guide to exploring new places, managing your favorite spots, saving money, and staying informed about everything happening in your world. We believe that journeys are more than just a series of steps from point A to point B—they are experiences, memories, and connections that shape who we are. That’s why we’ve created a platform that does more than just suggest places; it connects you with the people and communities that make each place unique.

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    LaMario Favron Jr.

    “The Opclo project has been challenging, but what we’re learning along the way is invaluable. What started as a small idea has now grown into a robust platform. Growth is refreshing, but more importantly, it’s reassuring. Our vision is clearer thanks to time and the amazing feedback we’ve received from the community. Opclo’s success is predicated on our ability to make the experience between you and the places you go seamless and unforgettable.” – February 2024

    Our Founder’s Vision

    Opclo is proudly 100% independently owned and operated, created by LaMario Favron Jr., who serves as the platform's sole owner and founder. The idea for Opclo emerged from LaMario's desire to solve a real-world problem: the frustration of finding open places at odd hours or last minute. His background in technology, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit—recognized with a prestigious business award—gave him the expertise to bring this vision to life.
    LaMario's independent approach ensures that every decision at Opclo is guided by the needs of its users. He assembled a dedicated team of developers who share his passion for building a travel companion that simplifies and enhances daily routines. This independence means Opclo can focus on its core mission without external influences, maintaining the flexibility to adapt to user feedback and market trends.
    With LaMario's leadership in technology and business, and a team committed to continuous improvement, Opclo is not just a product but a platform with a clear vision and a promising future.


      True Creativity

      at It’s Best

      Our Values

      Opclo is built on the idea that travel and exploration should be simple, intuitive, and enriching. It's never about the features; it's about the benefits they provide. We focus on creating a platform that helps you connect with the places and people that matter most. And because Opclo is user-generated, the more you engage with it, the better it becomes—offering you a personalized experience that grows with you.

        How Opclo Works

        Think of Opclo as your personal travel assistant, whether you're planning a weekend getaway or just looking for a new coffee shop. We give you real-time alerts on closures, power outages, and other changes, so you're never caught off guard. Our user-generated content allows you to share tips and notes with others, creating a community of explorers just like you. Plus, with exclusive rewards and discounts, Opclo ensures that you get the most out of every experience.

          Join the Opclo Community

          We're more than just an app; we're a community of explorers, foodies, travelers, and adventurers. By joining Opclo, you're not just gaining a tool to help you navigate the world; you're becoming part of a network of people who share your passion for discovery. So whether you're planning your next big trip or just looking for a new spot to grab lunch, Opclo is here to guide you every step of the way.

          Ready to start your next adventure? Download Opclo today and let us help you find your next favorite place.

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