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    Here are some examples of problems or needs that a feature could solve:

    ✔️ Streamline a process to save users time

    ✔️ Simplify a complex task to make it more accessible

    ✔️ Provide users with better information or
    insights to support decision-making

    ✔️ Improve the user experience by addressing pain points or frustrations

    ✔️ Automate repetitive or manual tasks to reduce errors and improve efficiency

    ✔️ Enhance the functionality of a product to make it more useful or versatile

    ✔️ Address a common user request or feedback to improve user satisfaction

    ✔️ Integrate with other tools or services to improve productivity and convenience

    ✔️ Provide personalized recommendations or content to enhance the user experience

    ✔️ Offer a unique or innovative solution to a common problem or need.